The Journey Begins Tomorrow

The time has come. Tomorrow I will begin running the first miles in my year-long journey to 2,013.

It has finally dawned of me how grueling, painful, and time-consuming this will be. My biggest fear, in regards to reaching 2,013, is any sort of leg injury or debilitating sickness. Two or three weeks of no running would certainly put the entire goal in jeopardy. I’m hopeful that stretching, icing, and healthy food consumption will mitigate some of those risks. But only time will tell.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve tried to balance staying in shape, with staying as fresh as possible for Day 1. So, what has that looked like? Basically, I’ve run about 40-45 miles in that timeframe.

The weather forecast for the next week looks fine, if not slightly cold. So, I certainly won’t be able to blame the weather if I get off to a poor start.

Starting tomorrow, I intend to update daily with my total mileage for the day and a complete list of food I ate that day. While I’m not sure how useful or exciting the tracking of my daily food intake will be, there may be some people who find it helpful or interesting (don’t be surprised if the words “4 slices of pizza” pop up often). I will also post about other areas of interest (books, movies, etc).

RIGHT NOW, it looks like I’ll be getting this operation underway with a run somewhere in the 11-15 mile range, depending on how fresh my legs are feeling tomorrow. We’ll see!

Know of any good running spots in South Jersey/Philadelphia? Let me know!

If you find this blog interesting, useful, or a good time-killer, feel free to pass it along to friends, family, enemies, etc!

— I’m hoping to raise money for Details on this will be final by the middle of the month. It is a great organization that has been improving the lives of individuals in Camden and South Jersey for years. Check out what they have going on if you feel so inclined.

All the best.


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