Day 1: 14.2 Miles

photo (2)

So far, so good! On Day 1, I ran 14.2 miles at a nice, crisp pace.
14.2 miles down, 1,998.8 to go.
8.68 miles ahead of pace.

As I mentioned yesterday, I was unsure about the length of today’s run. I wanted to get off to a good start and figured somewhere between 11-15 miles would be a solid goal. Surprisingly, I felt good throughout the entire run and was able to get in 14.2 miles. I even managed to pick up the pace in the second half. Normally, pushing myself is an essential part of training. However, the ultimate goal here is the mileage, not speed. In the future, too many long runs at this speed will be the end of me. Got to slow it down.

More than likely, my body won’t be thrilled with me when I wake up tomorrow morning. Depending on how I’m feeling, it’s looking like tomorrow will be a 4-6 mile day. We’ll see!

Food intake for the day (so far): Water, coffee, celery, cucumbers, shrimp, chicken wings, toast & peanut butter, wine.

If you’re interested, I posted the splits of the run below…

Mile Pace Distance
1 8:15.9 1.00
2 8:20.3 1.00
3 8:26.4 1.00
4 8:37.1 1.00
5 8:20.2 1.00
6 8:31.0 1.00
7 8:19.1 1.00
8 8:05.8 1.00
9 8:06.6 1.00
10 8:06.2 1.00
11 8:02.3 1.00
12 7:49.0 1.00
13 8:00.9 1.00
14 7:47.3 1.00
15 1:36.3 0.20
Time: 1:56:24.4
Distance: 14.20
Average Pace: 8:12 min/mi

This was some of the music that helped me through the run: Teen Daze, The War on Drugs, and Matt Pond PA

For now, it’s off to cheer on Florida State in the Orange Bowl. Go Noles!

Until tomorrow, all the best.


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