Day Four: The winds were a howlin’

photo (4)

Quick update today. Yesterday was a tough run around the Cooper River. The winds were rough. It was cold too. It was a laborious run, especially the second half. However, I was able to pull out 7.16 miles in 59:53. For the first time, I did feel some pain my legs. Luckily, it dissipated by this morning. That brings the grand total to 30.36 miles. 1.5% of the way to 2,013 miles. 8.28 miles ahead of the pace.

Running playlist: Steve Reich, Mogwai

Food consumption: 3 cups of coffee, banana and spinach smoothie, and large amounts of rice, chicken, broccoli, pork, and Coke zero.

Next update coming tomorrow AM. All the best until then.


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