Day Five: 4.34 miles…into a wall?

So, it appears that my quick start out of the gate has finally caught up to me.  While I haven’t literally hit a wall and there are no injuries to report, my legs are feeling quite weak.  Now, I find myself facing a delicate balancing act.  I probably need to take a day off in the near future.  However, every day off that I take off puts more pressure on ensuring that I fill in each “running” day with more miles.  Furthermore, there isn’t much room for “sick” days or “injury” days if I need them in the future.  So, it looks like I will push my “off” day down the road and only take one when it is absolutely necessary.

Yesterday, I was able to get through a run of 4.34 miles in 37:37, with a 0.5% incline.  Mid 8:30’s pace. 


I’m fairly confident that this was my least enjoyable run so far.  Less enjoyable than my 14.2 miles run. Right from the start I knew my legs just didn’t have it. For me, I can usually tell how I’m going to feel within the first minute of a run.  And I knew that, even though it was a short run, it would be ugly. And although it was difficult, it has gotten my closer to my goal.  So far, I’ve run 34.7 out of 2,013 miles. 1.7% of the way to 2,013. 7.1 miles ahead of the pace. 

Finally, here are some things that may be of interest to you…


1. Is the NHL Lockout finally over?

2. Movie Trailers of the Week

3. LEGENDARY “movie critic” NEWT GINGRICH reviews Les Miserables. 

Running Playlist:

Teen Daze

Food Consumption:

2 cups of coffee, banana-orange-spinach smoothie, chicken and rice, large amounts of candy

All the best.


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