Day Six: Short Run along the Delaware

Living near the Delaware River has some disadvantages.  The roads flood about a dozen times a year. Every once in a while it smells bad.  But a run during the golden hour presents you with a wonderful view of the skyline, water, and Philadelphia.  Sorry to disappoint  but I didn’t take any photographs during yesterday’s run.  But I will have some in the future.  Anyway, on to the business at hand…

Yesterday was another short run.  3.80 miles in 32:12.  The combination of minimal wind, “warm” air, reasonable pace, and great view made this run enjoyable.  That brings the total mileage for the year to 38.5 miles.  1.9% of the way to 2,013 miles.  5.38 ahead of pace for the year.

photo (6)

This is one of the first days where I have no idea how long my run will be.  So, basically anywhere from 4-9 miles today is possible.  We’ll see.


1. A Marquee B.C.S. Matchup? To be determined.  – Analysis of tonight’s college football championship game

2. The Mayor will Save You Now – Interesting Cory Booker health profile

3. Outsourced Snow Totals – Why Philadelphia measures its snowfall total in National Park, NJ

Running Playlist:

Vito Aiuto

Food Consumption:

2 cups of coffee, yogurt, trail mix, chocolate milk, kielbasa, potatoes, broccoli, chips and salsa

All the best to everyone.


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