Day 7: Pizza > Running

Slices of pizza eaten: 5
Numbers of miles run: 0
5-0. It’s a shutout.

photo (7)

So, yesterday I hinted at the fact that I was unsure how many miles would I would run.  Well, that uncertainty was well founded.  I finally took a day off.  There were basically three reasons this happened: 1) I was extremely busy, 2) My body was tired, and 3) I just had no desire to run.  There are just some days where you have literally NO desire to run.  Yesterday was one of those.  Regardless of how much I’ve come to love running in the past 3 years, there are simply days where you’d rather walk on hot coals than go for a run.  The upside is that I can now put together a longer run today and my body will feel refreshed.  In addition, any serious runner will tell you how important recovery is.  The body will eventually break down if there is no time for rest or recovery.  However, I haven’t seen too many articles where chomping down half a pizza plays a vital role in recovery! So, I’m looking forward to lobbying Runner’s World to implement the “pizza recovery.”

Quick recap of week 1 progress:
Total Miles: 38.5 
Pace: 38.5/38.64 (less than 1% behind pace)

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Food Consumption:


All the best.


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