Day 8: Double-Digit Miles

Sometimes everything just falls into place.  This was the case yesterday.  Except for narrowly missing being run over by a trash truck, it was a great run.  The weather was beautiful. My legs felt refreshed. And I was able to keep the pace close to the 8:30’s.

This run took me through the following towns: Brooklawn, Bellmawr, Mt. Ephraim, Audubon, Haddon Heights, and Haddonfield.  I felt really good throughout the entire run.  I feel like the day off that I took was very helpful in allowing my body to rest and recover.

The total mileage was 11.32 miles.  That brings my yearly total to 49.82 miles. Therefore I am 5.66 miles or 13% ahead of the pace. 2.5% of the way to 2,013!

photo (8)

Now, the next challenge will be managing my time in an efficient manner.  Classes begin today and I’m going to have to ensure that I find time to sneak some runs in on the busy days. We’ll see how this goes!  Today will be a short run.  Now onto the good stuff…

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3. Should you Exercise When You’re Sick?

Running Playlist:

Southern Shores, Arcade Fire

Food Consumption:

Oranges, Chocolate Milk, Tortilla Chips, Margarita, Vegetarian Tacos, Nachos, Oreos!

All the best to everyone today!


2 thoughts on “Day 8: Double-Digit Miles

  1. Way to go PMac. This is inspiring! I like how you’ve added details about your run, where was this trash truck?

    Listening to Southern Shores now- this is your sort of jam these days.

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