Day 9: Night Moves

Nighttime runs. Sometimes borne out of necessity.  Sometimes an indulgence. Last evening, it was necessity.

Yesterday was quite a busy day and there wasn’t really an opportunity to run before 8pm.  So, despite the night chill, I wandered out for a short run.  However, once I was out there, it was quite enjoyable.  There is something about a night run that is hypnotic.  The shadows, stars, and the moon are a nice compliment to gliding through the night. This was the first night run of the year, but it certainly won’t be the last.

To the numbers: 3.92 miles run.  Nice and reasonable pace.  33:50.  The yearly total is now 53.74 miles.  4.06 miles (8%) ahead of the yearly pace.  2.7% of the way to 2,013 miles.

photo (9)

Looking at between 6-8 miles today.


1. Night Moves

2. Scientology continues to amaze everyone

3. Song of the South: Disney’s Most Notorious Film, reviewed

Running Playlist: 

Wild Nothing

Food Consumption:

4 cups of coffee, banana-blueberry-strawberry smoothie, greek yogurt, lasagna, garlic bread, chocolate milk

All the best.


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