Day 10: With a Little Help From My Friends

Not only is it a good tune, but it’s what helped me get through my run yesterday.

I ran yesterday with my friend Mary.  She has been running for many years now and was one of the main people I looked to when I began to run more seriously a couple of years ago.  Not only is she a prolific runner (she has run numerous marathons) but she also writes about food and running with her sister here.  You should check it out.  Lots of helpful and tasty information.

So, we decided to do 2 laps around the Cooper River.  We were both in agreement that we wanted to keep a relaxed and reasonable pace. Well, of course that didn’t happen.  Every few minutes I would see that our pace was too quick and we’d slow down.  It didn’t work.  Eventually (usually in a minute or so) we’d be back at the quicker pace.  So, we ended up running a little over 8:00 minute mile pace.  Faster than I’d imagined but still enjoyable!

Now to the numbers:
Miles for the day: 7.14
Total miles: 60.88
Pace: 5.68 miles (10%) ahead of the yearly pace

photo (10)

Short run today.

Around the Web:

1. Mouse shortage

2. The best baseball players…of the 19th century 

3. The largest iceberg break-up ever filmed

Food consumption:

3 cups of coffee, pumpkin bread, tortilla chips, 2 slices of wheat bread, banana, brandy, chicken tortilla soup, chocolate salted caramel cake

All the best.


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