Day 14: Feeling Good: 5.58 miles version

So, I’m quickly beginning to realize the importance of giving my body some rest, even if it is for just a day.  Typically, running seven days a week is doable (although difficult), but with the mileage I am putting in, it makes it nearly impossible.  This was evident during my run yesterday.  After having the previous day off, my legs felt well-rested and refreshed.  However, I still find myself running at too fast a pace.  Yesterday’s run was about 8:20 pace.  I need to try and bring it closer to 9:00 pace.  I know it sounds silly. But sometimes it really is difficult to force yourself to run slower. Any strategies for slowing down?

On a different note, I’d like to thank everyone who has been following along. It’s cool to hear that people are interested in this thing and are hoping I can pull it off.  Also, thanks for spreading the word, passing the link along on social media, and for leaving comments on the blog.  The latter is especially wonderful!

Okay, as for yesterday’s run…As I stated earlier, I felt fresh and felt good during this run.  I was aiming for somewhere between 5-6 miles and finished up with 5.58 miles.  It was appropriate that I was listening to Explosions in the Sky because their music ties into my feelings during a typical run.  The ups, downs, joy, pain, confusion, and ultimate triumph (or failure!).  And while this run was more joy than pain, each and every run seems to have both good and bad feelings.

Now for the numbers:
Miles Run Yesterday: 5.58 miles
Total Miles: 76.4 (1,936.6 to go!)
Pace: 0.88 (1.1%) miles behind pace for the year

photo (13)

Around the Web:

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2. Is Science Phasing out Sleep? – Both exciting and scary.

3. Why did the A’s stop winning? – Wonky baseball talk.

Running Playlist: 

Explosions In the Sky

Food Consumption:

2 cups of coffee, shredded wheat, chocolate milk, spinach salad, strawberry banana smoothie, ham and pasta, apple sauce

All the best to everyone.


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