Day 15: 6.26 miles (not in the rain)

Perhaps I have mentioned in an earlier post how much I despise running in the rain. If not, then now is the time to say that I detest running in the rain. Heat wave, wonderful! Blizzard, sounds good! 40mph wind gusts, fun! But the rain is a no-go.  This isn’t to say that I haven’t and won’t run in the rain.  Just that I would prefer not to. So, yesterday there were some scattered showers here and there.  So, I brought it inside for my run.  Treadmill is the lesser of the two evils.

Now, for the first ten days or so of this journey, I’ve been ahead of the pace for the year.  Currently, I am behind.  But only slightly less than a quarter mile behind.  But I am looking to get ahead of the pace within the next few days. Getting about 6-7 miles ahead of the pace each month will give me sort of an “insurance policy” in case I happen to get sick for a day or two or get hurt. So, I will be looking to ramp up the mileage in the next couple of weeks. We’ll see how that goes.

Yesterday’s run clocked in at 6.26 miles (sorry no picture today, you’ll just have to trust me!). The time was 59:55.  I locked in most of the miles on the treadmill around the 9:45-9:50 range. I must say that running on the treadmill is boring.  However, it gets worse when the pace is slow. But I realize that the slow pace is the smart thing to do. Onto the numbers…

Miles Run yesterday: 6.26
Total Miles for the Year: 82.66 (1,930.34 to go)
Pace for the Year: .14 miles (.01%) behind pace

Around the Web:

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3) Woman Drives 900 Miles Out of Her Way After GPS Error

Running Playlist:


Food consumption:

3 cups of coffee, chocolate donuts, spinach and tomato salad, pasta with meat sauce, shredded wheat cereal, strawberry-banana smoothie

All the best!


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