Day 17: 5.75 Miles or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Global Warming

Despite the headline, I am concerned about global warming.  But since our political leaders show no will to tackle the matter, I can’t help but enjoy one of the few benefits.  What is the benefit you may ask?  Well, of course it is the fact that it is warmer in the winter.  Now, I do enjoy running and breathing in the cold winter air.  However, it is much tougher to get motivation to get out there for a run when it is cold.  Once I’m going, it’s fine.  But mustering the willpower is much more difficult when you think about stepping into the cold winter air and the winds that will be whipping in your face.  So, for now I will cheer along the Earth’s demise with Heatmiser!

Yesterday’s run was about as basic as you get.  Reasonable distance and reasonable pace.  It felt okay.  Although I am beginning to get some random shooting pains in my knees, ankles, and feet.  Not good, but not disastrous either. To the numbers:

Miles Run yesterday: 5.75 miles
Total Miles for the Year: 93.37 (1,919.63 to go)
Pace for the Year: .47 miles (.01%) behind pace

photo (14)

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Running Playlist:

Sufjan Stevens

Food Consumption: 3 cups of coffee, yogurt, shredded wheat cereal, salad, blueberry smoothie, veggie burger & fries

All the best to everyone!


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