Day 19: Two Runs are Better Than One, 14.76 Miles Edition

In the back of my mind, the notion that if I dropped behind in mileage I could start some two-a-days, has been very reassuring.  It is not something that I prefer to do, but it’s nice to know it can be done.  And while I was only behind less than 3 miles for my yearly pace, I did want to get in some big mileage.

So, I began yesterday with 3 laps around the Cooper River.  It was a beautiful day, albeit a bit windy.  And once again, I failed disastrously in keeping my pace down. I know I sound like a broken record, but it just keeps happening. I can’t recall the exact numbers, but my pace was around the 8:10’s.  This is problematic, especially for long runs. I NEED TO SLOW DOWN.  But I did get in 10.75 miles.

After the river run, I decided to go to the gym with my wife and get a few miles in. And it was painful. Extremely painful. It didn’t help things that I had hardly eaten a thing all day.   But somehow I survived and got in a VERY slow 4 miles.

The good news is that I am now ahead of pace for the year.  The bad news is that my knees, feet, and ankles are still experiencing pain.  However, it comes and goes and isn’t too substantial. So, I can deal with for now.

To the numbers…

Miles Run yesterday: 14.76 miles
Total Miles for the Year: 111.38 (1,901.62 miles to go)
Pace for the Year: 6.50 miles (6.2%) AHEAD of pace

photo (16)

photo (15)

Around the Web:

1. Cheesecake Factory’s 3,000+ calorie meal

2. Diagramming Food Labels

Running Playlist: 

Sufjan Stevens, Samamidon

Food Consumption:

Coffee, Mike and Ike candy, chili, string cheese, greek yogurt

All the best.


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