Days 20 & 21: 8.05 Miles Total, Spilled Coffee on Laptop Edition

First off, my apologies for not posting yesterday.  As the title to this post implies, coffee was spilled on my laptop yesterday.  More precisely, I spilled my coffee onto my laptop.  After the proper (and improper) steps were taken, the piece of machinery remained intact.  Here’s where I suggest that Apple products are superior to all others based solely on my limited experience. So, my unscientific view is that Apple products are superior to others because my specific computer survived both a 4 foot fall and coffee over the entire product (good thing I typically drink my coffee black). So, thumbs down to clumsiness and thumps up to Steve Jobs.

Anyway, so yes the past two days were slow and boring treadmill runs.  After my near 15 mile excursion, I needed to take it easy.  And I did just that.  The run on Sunday was much more painful than yesterday’s run. So, I think I’m beginning to bounce back enough where I can up the mileage over the next few days.  Today looks like somewhere between 5-7 miles, depending on how I’m feeling. For now, I’m still ahead of the pace and that works for me. To the numbers…

Miles Run in the past two days: 8.05 miles

Total Miles for the Year: 119.43 (1,893.57 miles to go)

Pace for the Year: 3.51 miles (3%) AHEAD of pace

photo (18) photo (17)

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Running Playlist:


All the best to everyone. And stay warm!


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