Day 25: 6.62 Miles Run Yesterday (140.94 miles run for the year)

I hope I’m not disappointing serious runners everywhere when I confess that I ran inside yesterday…and not in the snow. I hope it won’t be considered a mortal sin.  But it does look like there is an end in sight. It’s looking to warm up towards the end of this weekend and into next week.  Looking forward to some nice runs outside. Treadmill runs are for the birds.

So, yesterday’s run was rather pedestrian.  It was good to get 6.62 miles in, and at a reasonable 9:03/mile pace.  It was run at a 0.5% incline, which I’ve found simulates outside conditions rather well.  Anything over 1% incline begins to feel rather laborious, when contrasted with a natural outdoor run.

Well, that’s it for today.  As always, I appreciate everyone checking out the blog and leaving comments.

Miles from Yesterday:  6.62 miles in 59:58 (9:03/mile pace)

Total Miles for the Year: 140.94 (1,872.06 miles to go)

Pace for the Year: 2.94 miles (2.1%) AHEAD of pace

photo (22)

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Running Playlist: 

Martin Eden

Food Consumption:

4 cups of coffee, greek yogurt, cucumber-banana-strawberry smoothie, carrots, pasta, cereal, beer, cinnamon muffin, assorted desserts!

All the best!


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