Day 29: 4.07 Miles, Still Ahead of Pace

So, once again my run was completed indoors.  The one thing I’m getting used to is watching TV while running.  The treadmill I’ve been running on has its own personal TV.  Before, I had never really got into the TV thing while running indoors.  However, I’ve come to enjoy it.  Being a sports, history, and politics addict, being able to switch from Ezra Klein to the Sixers to Chris Matthews to the History Channel is a good time.

Yesterday, the run was a simple 4.07 miles, with a pace just a smidgen above 9:00/pace. Unfortunately, it wasn’t at easy as it should have been.  For whatever reason, I was experiencing some pain in my ankle.  Also, I just generally felt tired.  I’m thankful and lucky that my ankle pain resided and I was able to complete the run.  Exhaustion can be dealt with.  A debilitating ankle injury cannot (in the context of running 2,013 miles).

Fortunately, the weather looks solid for the next few days.  Not too much precipitation or freezing weather, which will allow me to get some nice outside runs in.  Today, between 6-8 miles is likely.

Miles Run Yesterday: 4.07 miles

Total Miles for the Year: 161.1 (1,851.9 miles to go) 

Pace for the Year: 1.16 miles (.7%) AHEAD of pace

CameraAwesomePhoto (3)

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Running Playlist:


Food Consumption:

3 cups of coffee, assorted candy, string cheese, bagel and cream cheese, oatmeal, yogurt & cereal



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