Day 59: 10 Miles (Cashews Edition)


By far, my “current” favorite type of nut is the cashew.

When I was younger I preferred the pistachio (my father’s favorite).  I have mixed feelings on the peanut.  Although I do love peanut butter, I was never crazy about them.  Almonds, once a perennial favorite of mine, have fallen down the ranks.  So, I find myself eating cashews more than ever.  I prefer organic, but not a deal-breaker. The heal benefits of the cashew are well-documented.  They are delicious, work well in a smoothie or alone, and provide ample health benefits.  So, all of this to say…go eat some cashews!

Anyway, to close the gap on the nearly 11 miles I’m behind, I ran 10 miles yesterday. The only problem I faced yesterday was that I felt bored while running.  If you’re a runner (especially one who runs longer distances), I’m sure you feel that from time to time. But I mixed in up halfway through and began intervals, which helped to break up the monotony.  I finished in a little over 90 minutes.  Around 9:00/mi pace.  Not bad.

Check the numbers and links below! Have a good Friday night.



Miles Run on Day 59: 10 miles

Total Miles for the Year: 319.16 (1,693.84 miles to go)

Pace for the Year: 6.23 miles (1.9%) BEHIND pace 

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All the best!