Days 33 – 42: THE LAST TEN DAYS

So, it’s been a while.  Between school, council, running, and vacationing, I clearly let the blog fall through the cracks.  But I am committed to getting back on track and providing daily updates.

During the last ten days, I’ve run 51.25 miles (leaving me a couple miles behind the yearly pace).  Nearly half of the runs have been outdoors.  Nearly half of the runs have been interval training runs.  These typically involve running hard for a minute or two and then bringing it down to a jog for a minute or two. And repeating that over and over.  This can be a more effective training method and can also make a run more interesting and less boring.

Overall, my body is feeling good. I’m thankful that is the case after having already put in 225+ miles for the year.  But I do desperately need some new running shoes.  Believe it or not, I’ve had the same pair since MAY.  Unbelievable, silly, and stupid.  The shoes I have are cut out for about 400-500 miles and I have probably run over 1,000+ miles with them.  Incredibly lucky I haven’t suffered an injury as a result.  But I should be getting a new pair this week. At least, that is the plan.

This past weekend was spent with friends in the Poconos.  We were lucky (or unlucky if you got caught in the storm) to get about 7-8 inches of snow on the first day.  I got 3 runs in during the weekend.  Saturday’s run was clearly the toughest.  My friends Mary and Jenna joined me for a difficult yet enjoyable 10+ mile run where we dealt with a negative wind chill, wild and unpredictable winds, snowy roads, snow and ice blown in our faces, and numerous hills.  Definitely the toughest run of the year for me.

If you care to see how many miles I ran on each day, you can find that below.  Look for another update tomorrow after today’s run.


4.44 miles

photo (29)


6.28 miles.

photo (30)


6.66 miles

photo (31)


4.17 miles

photo (32)


Zero miles.


Distance: 12.29 mi
Time: 1:46:44
Avg Pace: 8:41 min/mi
Elevation Gain: 264 ft
Calories: 1,677 C


Distance: 4.21 mi
Time: 35:33
Avg Pace: 8:27 min/mi
Elevation Gain: 361 ft
Calories: 580 C


Distance: 10.05 mi
Time: 1:40:14
Avg Pace: 9:59 min/mi
Elevation Gain: 971 ft
Calories: 1,366 C


Distance: 3.15 mi
Time: 32:10
Avg Pace: 10:13 min/mi
Elevation Gain: 792 ft
Calories: 440 C


Zero miles.

So, where am I at for the year so far?  See below:

Miles Run in the past 10 days: 51.25 miles

Total Miles for the Year: 229.67 (1,783.33 miles to go) 

Pace for the Year: 1.96 miles (1%) BEHIND pace 

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Day Two: Short Run & Les Mis

First off, a bit of housekeeping. It seems that it will be more practical to write here in the mornings. This will be especially helpful for the days when my run comes later in the evening. So, I typically will wrap-up the previous days events on the following morning. Typically. But not always the case.

Anyway, yesterday I ran 3.87 miles in 30:54. That brings the total mileage for 2013 to 18.07 miles. Only 1,994.93 miles to go. So, far I am 7.03 miles ahead of pace. Back to yesterday’s run. It was way too fast! Extremely windy as well! As I’ve said before, running these miles at close to 8:00 minute-mile is a disaster in the making. I really need to focus more on slowing down these runs. But I was glad to be able to get something in yesterday after the 14+ miles the day before. Tonight looks like a 4-6 mile run.

Food consumption: 3 cups of coffee, spinach salad, vegetarian tortilla soup, spinach smoothie, 2 hot dogs (hands head in shame!), peppermint candy

Movie recommendation: You should see Les Miserables if you enjoyed the play, enjoy musicals in general, or if you enjoy being bombarded and beaten over the head with emotion-bursting scenes played out one after another. I’ve seen it twice. It was even better the second time. Unpopular opinion, but Russell Crowe’s performance is spot-on.

Running playlist: Memory Tapes

Space ails us moderns: we are sick with space.
Robert Frost

All the best.