Days 30 – 32: 17.32 miles, One Month Down, Super Bowl Pick

First things first.  I’ve got the 49ers over the Ravens in the Super Bowl by a score of 23 – 17.  The 49ers offensive line and offensive versatility are too good.  Some good analysis on the matchup right here.

Sometime in the next few days I will do a total recap of the month of January.  Short version is that I’m ahead of pace and uninjured.

And here we go for a wrap-up of the last 3 days:

Wednesday – 6.78 miles (9.34/ Mile Pace)

On Wednesday, my wife’s half-marathon training program had her running 6 miles.  So, I decided to do something similar.  I began the first mile near 10:00 pace and then lessened it to almost 9:00 pace by the time I was done.  Nothing special about this run, but it does feel good to get over a mile ahead of pace (to get to 2,013 miles I need to average 5.515 miles per day).

Thursday – 5.65 miles (just above 8/ Mile Pace)

This had been my first outside run in over a week or so.  I had previously expected it to be a decent day outside.  I was wrong.  It was sunny but cold and extremely windy.  I scooted along (too fast) until I ran along the Delaware River.  At times, I was nearly going backwards (wind gusts up to 40mph).  Overall, it felt good though. However, I’m sad to report that I’m still unable to slow my pace.

Friday – 4.89 miles (9:26/ Mile Pace)

This was a short inside run.  I took it nice and easy considering I had really pushed the pace the other day.

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Miles Run Yesterday: 17.32 miles

Total Miles for the Year: 178.42 (1,834.58 miles to go) 

Pace for the Year: 1.94 miles (.1.1%) AHEAD of pace

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All the best!


Days 23 & 24: Trembling in the Face of Old Man Winter

Spoiler Alert: It’s cold.

Sorry for neglecting to post yesterday.  It was combination of busyness and a boring run!  So, the past two days have both been indoor runs.  I have simply been unable to muster the courage to brave the frigid cold.  In my defense, normally I wouldn’t mind going for a run in the freezing cold, but now I have to average 5.52 miles each day.  So, the prospect of crushing my body outside is not appealing when I realize I need to stay fresh and run 6-7 days a week.

Yesterday’s run was 3.81 miles.  The day before was 4.44 miles.  These were both run at a slow pace.  How have I been doing with injuries?  Good, so far.  But I have noticed that my legs have simply been feeling extremely TIRED. However, I’d much rather have that problem than deal with an injury or sickness.

Will update again tomorrow!

Miles from the past 2 days:  8.25 miles

Total Miles for the Year: 134.32 (1,878.68 miles to go)

Pace for the Year: 1.84 miles (1.4%) AHEAD of pace

photo (20)

photo (21)

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All the best!